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Lecco, Italy | Web: www.ttsnetwork.net

TTS was founded as a spin-off of the National Research Council of Italy in 1993. The company business profile has been widening during the last 20 years, complementing traditional industrial research activities in the area of simulation and knowledge management with the development of proprietary and customized simulation solutions for manufacturing companies and technology transfer actions. TTS is a Knowledge Intensive SME strongly committed to supply its customers with high tech innovative IT solutions: research, development and exploitation of new technologies are a primary mean for achieving such a goal. TTS expertise lies with the development of a digital factory representation, that can be then linked and continuously updated with data coming from the real factory exploiting the CPS paradigm: this technology is used for setting up new plants, testing PLC logics and as a monitoring system for production plant behaviour. TTS is also member of EFFRA (“European Factories of the Future Research Association”: TTS stands as reference for “simulation and forecasting technologies” challenges identification and future development road-mapping.