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London, UK | Web: thinkingadditive.com

Thinking Additive is a spin-out initiative driven by researchers and industrial partners after the experience matured in different European projects where innovations were relying on advancements in additive manufacturing and computational design. The initiative has been directly powered by Industries keen to strategically develop and implement advanced digital tools for flexible production paradigms able to involve final customers before the effective manufacturing. Thinking Additive aims at bridging the gaps between products, market needs and technological innovation.

The goal of the initiative is exploiting technology-driven design strategies in the intersection between computational design and adaptive manufacturing, through the development of ad hoc CAD-CAM applications and tools. Our international team is composed of experts in design, manufacturing, engineering and computer science, with experience from both research and industry world. The mission is the development and implementation of digital fabrication, ultimately aiming at improving the awareness of new manufacturing processes (e.g. Additive Manufacturing with respect to conventional technologies), speeding up the production of added value products according to market needs.