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Geneve, Switzerland | Web: sofiesgroup.com

SOFIES SA, created in 2008 and based in Geneva, is an environmental and regional development consulting company that aims to create a positive impact by delivering professional services based on industrial ecology and circular economy for a better use of natural resources. As a result of the combination of the experience, technical skills and networks of its founding partners Sofies SA became part of Sofies International in 2015 connecting and coordinating the four offices based in Geneva, Zürich, London and Bangalore. Sofies aims at providing transversal and complementary skills to meet economic, environmental and social challenges. Our objective is to offer tailor-made solutions to ensure an efficient use of resources and a higher environmental performance in order to create value and allow for sustainable economic development. Our services are based on scientifically acknowledged tools and methodologies related to environmental management, and various socio- economic approaches.