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Eindhoven, Netherlands | Web: www.kmwe.com

KMWE is a reliable supplier and partner for the High Tech Equipment Industry and Aerospace. KMWE is specialized in the High Mix, Low Volume and High Complexity machining of functional critical Components and the assembly of fully tested mechatronic Systems. KMWE is a global player located in those regions which are of strategic importance for its customers. More than 60 years of experience, an international supplier network, over 300 motivated well educated employees and a continuous drive for Excellence enables us to fulfil the highest demands of our customers. KMWE Mechatronics, with sites in the Netherlands and Malaysia, is specialized in the assembly of high quality mechatronic Systems, often assembled in a clean or cleanroom environment. With over 1500 m2 assembly area, KMWE Mechatronics activities are very well equipped for the Just in Time delivery of fully functional tested modules and systems.

rements on IDS, organizes the knowledge exchange between research and business and develops guidelines for the certification, standardization and utilization of the results emerging from the different IDS related research projects on European and national level.