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Elgoibar, Spain | Web: www.ideko.es

IK4-IDEKO is an industry driven Spanish Technological Centre (private and independent), specialised in machine tools and advanced manufacturing technologies, with the aim to promote technological innovation of its customers. It is part of DANOBAT Group machine tool builder and Mondragon Corporation. Founded in 1986, with over 100 highly qualified engineers (around 20 PhDs) with proven experience in the sector, IK4-IDEKO has the skills to understand, assimilate and develop new technological solutions, with a clear orientation towards the development of new products and the improvement of production processes. IK4-IDEKO fine-tunes to the strategy and development of its customers to become a decisive factor in their competitiveness. Typical customers are renowned machine tool manufacturers who are strongly committed to innovation and who thanks to the latter and quality performance export most of their production.