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LEVEL-UP Protocols for remanufacuting and upgrading high-value metal components


The 3rd (and final) workshop of the LEVEL-UP summer workshop series will take place on July 31st.

The workshop will explore the potential of Additive Manufacturing to create sustainable processes focused on the recovery of high-value metal components, enhancing the pillars of sustainable development, such as reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and extending useful life. An integrated workflow will be presented combining the use of scanning technologies to create digital models of damaged components for diagnosis, CAAP tools to design and optimize the printing process and ensure consistent quality, and simulation to perform feasiblity studies in terms of cost, safety and support the selection of the most appropiate manufacturing technique for a given situation. Real industrial examples will be showcased employing different laser technologies such as LMD and SLM. 

The speakers are: 

AIMEN: Sara Carracelas


ESI: Mustafa Megahed

INEGI: João Rui Matos/Catarina Loureiro 

KMWE: Rob van Loon

The third workshop of the summer workshop series will take place on July 31st, between 10:00 to 11:30 CET. Follow this link to register.