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Latest news

LEVEL-UP Manufacturing to gain Industry4.0 benefits


The LEVEL-UP summer workshop series is happening! Read more about the topic of the second workshop in this article.

LEVEL-UP delivers an operational and refurbishment framework, with a particular focus on the retrofitting of legacy industrial equipment to enable them to benefit from Industry 4.0. This is done through the implementation of modernisation actions for interoperability and deployment of a scalable digital platform that offers a wide range of capabilities, including components for improving maintenance practices and optimising dynamic utilisation for sustainability. The integrated IIoT stack, which includes diagnostic & prognostics modules for PdM application plays a crucial role in this process. In particular, Sensor/Gateway layer (SENSAP), Middleware (HOLONIX), Semantic Mediator (BIBA), Machine forecasting (CORE), Predictive Maintenance Platform (ATLANTIS) and Detect & Predict (BIBA) are LEVEL-UP components that work closely together: what are their features and what outcomes have generated in the project? Two pilot demonstrations will go into more detail and showcase the results.

The speakers are: 
SENSAP: Georgios Kouzas
HOLONIX: Stefano Borgia
BIBA: Marco Franke
ATLANTIS: Maria Psarodimou
CORE IC: Ioannis Meintanis

The second workshop of the summer workshop series will take place on July 26th, between 13:00 to 14:30 CET. Follow this link to register.