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Informatisation of major capital investments in industry 4.0


Read the latest article on the information flow in the Toshulin & ESMA pilots.

In a significant milestone, LEVEL-UP has successfully established the entire information flow in the Toshulin and ESMA pilots. This has successfully demonstrated how data becomes information, and information becomes knowledge. The flow of information starts with the sensors in the production environment. It ends with the aggregated results for predictive maintenance that can be made available to the people on the shop floor. For that purpose, the LEVEL-UP software components Middleware (Holonix), Semantic Mediator (BIBA), Machine forecasting (CORE), FMECA (ATLANTIS), DSS (ATLANTIS) and Detect & Predict (BIBA) works closely together.

The final missing step in the information flow was the aggregation of predictive maintenance results. Aggregation becomes necessary when several tools are making predictions, which need to be aggregated into one overall statement. This step has now been completed by BIBA with the Fusion extension of Detect & Predict. For this purpose, corresponding analysis flows were modelled (see Figure 1), which allows a fusion of the analysis results. It starts by receiving the different analysis results from the information flow as a data source and ends by putting the fusion result again on the information flow. Finally, these flows have been implemented directly in the information flow.

 Figure 1: 
Fusion of results as analysis flow