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Austrian Standards International and standardisation in LEVEL-UP


STANDARDS support the extension of the useful life of major capital investments and Large Industrial Equipment.

The aim of LEVEL-UP project is to offer a scalable platform covering the overall lifecycle, ranging from the digital twins setup, modernisation actions to diagnose and predict the operation of physical assets, to the refurbishment and remanufacturing activities towards end of life.

So that such activities are generally accepted, comparable and accessible to all, Austrian Standards International supports LEVEL-UP project partners from the beginning of the project by providing a two-way communication between project activities and ongoing standardisation activities. Austrian Standards International is using its network with standardisation organisations to act as the gateway for LEVEL-UP to the standardisation communities. Activities included in this gateway role are informing project partners about relevant standards (either existing or under development) and providing feedback from the project about gaps identified in standards to standardisation organisations as well as initiating standardisation deliverable(s) to ensure the objectives of LEVEL-UP will be met and novel solutions will be accepted and used by the market.

For these reasons, a CEN-CENELEC workshop has also been established to structure and formalise the measures for modernisation, diagnosis, inspection, repair, dismantling, upgrading, overhaul, remanufacturing, recycling and reassembly and testing in special protocols, see here.