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Digital Factory Alliance in the Level-Up project


Read more about the role of Digital Factory Alliance in Level-Up

Supporting the Level-Up project mission, Innovalia Association has been working in the development of the Digital Factory Alliance, an initiative that will allow the partners of the project – and in the future, the whole manufacturing community – to participate in a unique and active industry 4.0 marketplace, to showcase their solutions to final users in the manufacturing arena.

Thanks to the DFA, the Level-Up project is managing to establish a reference architecture that allows it to adapt to different contexts and cover a wide variety of technological environments with a high level of homogenization, an interoperable framework and standardized vocabulary.
Now, this important task has taken a step forward with the renewal of the Digital Factory Alliance.

The DFA initiative, which has rethought its services, facilitates its members to get access to the most updated knowledge, assets, training, and “ready-to-deploy” products in the digital manufacturing field, gaining exposure to a growing Zero X Manufacturing marketplace, with the added brand recognition and access to new business opportunities.

In that sense, for the Level-Up project, the ZX Marketplace represents a powerful platform for sustainable digital solutions to be put forward by technology providers, testing and experimental factories and digital innovation hubs in order to be generalized in the market by end users.

You can access the website here: https://digitalfactoryalliance.eu/