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General Bilbao, Spain

Finally, after more than two years working together remotely, LEVEL-UP consortium met physically in Bilbao (Basque Country) for the celebration of LEVEL-UP General Meeting Month 26!
Meeting in Bilbao was not a coincidence, as LEVEL-UP partners had the chance to visit three partners’ facilities during those days, IDEKO, DANOBAT and FAGOR, and one of the project pilot lines, Estampaciones Mayo, which includes the press for automotive parts manufacturing.

The three-day meeting was held from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December and involved several activities. These included the project general status review, with the next actions definition for the forthcoming six months of all the active tasks and the presentation of the progress for each of the seven pilot lines. Furthermore, three LEVEL-UP tools demos were performed: the Failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA) tool developed by ATLANTIS was showcased with real data from the pilot line ISOKON; the Environmental Analysis tool embedded on the Decision Support Systems (DSS) with real data from ESMA-FAGOR pilot line was introduced by SOFIES, and the Data Analytics and Fusion component was presented jointly by CORE, ATLANTIS and BIBA, showing a real scenario of the ESMA-FAGOR pilot line. In addition, a Validation Workshop for the Digital Thread tool was organized. After the introduction of the platform functionalities and the presentation of real examples, partners assessed the tool in small groups and completed the feedback reporting template to be included in the user stories pile of the tool developers. Finally, CORE led an Exploitation workshop in which the  collaborative results identified in the project were listed and IPR and preliminary business model intentions were discussed among the partners involved.

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