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Information flow in LEVEL-UP project


The LEVEL-UP Project aims to offer a scalable platform covering the overall lifecycle, ranging from
the digital twins setup, predictive maintenance, modernization actions to diagnose and predict the
operation of physical assets, to the refurbishment and remanufacturing activities towards the end of
life. One cornerstone of the LEVEL-UP scalable platform is the achievement of interoperability for
sensors and legacy system related data, enabling the information to flow the field, to the cloud
modules in charge of intelligent prognostic and diagnostic actions.

 According to the LEVEL-UP Overall Architecture, three main clusters are involved in the management of the information flow: a) the edge services, b) the data-sharing infrastructure and c) the cloud services and enterprise resources (Figure 1). With the term “edge devices” we identify all the industrial assets such as sensorized machines, IIoT devices, industrial sensors, gateways etc. which operate equipped with a layer of sensorization and IoT interfaces, allowing field-to-cloud communication through the use of specific technologies and protocols, e.g. MQTT. These devices send information to the LEVEL-UP system, which manages the data flow leveraging its data-sharing infrastructure. The second cluster consists of many modules managing real-time data streaming with a custom use of Kafka technology, data persistency/retrieval with a Knowledge Based System (KBS) exposing REST interface and metadata/semantics with specific applications, i.e. Middleware Registry and Sematic Mediator. The so-called cloud services consist of the IT modules (such as DSS - Decision Support System, Fusion, Machine learning for predictive maintenance) aiming at performing data analysis, simulations etc. and generating feedback towards machines/users and prognostics actions.
For more info download the full press release below.

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