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Check the current events & publications of The LEVEL-UP Project.

The LEVEL-UP Project

LEVEL-UP will provide a systematic approach to the application of the principles of circular economy to the major capital investments in industry 4.0.


Discover here the main objectives of the Project.

  • LEVEL-UP participation at ETFA conference 2021

    On Thursday September 9th Edurne Suarez from AIMEN and Quan Deng from BIBA participated in the special session ‘ Refurbishment and remanufacturing of machinery in CyberPhysical Production Systems’ of the ETFA conference 2021 where they presented 2 papers prepared within the LEVEL-UP project.

  • Teaming up to unlock the technological innovation potential in European manufacturing

    INTEGRADDE, Level-Up and DIMOFAC are three European-funded projects which have benefitted from the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster to carry out joint dissemination activities with the aim of promoting their technology solutions adapted to advanced manufacturing.

  • Linz, Austria and on-line

    International Forum Mechatronics

    Technical progress requires new concepts to master industrial and strategic challenges - Symbiotic mechatronics as a new paradigm

    The B2B-Meetings are an important part of the conference "International Forum Mechatronics". The scheduled face-to-face meetings offer an ideal opportunity to identify potential cooperation partners and to establish interesting business contacts. Every participant selects his conversation partners individually and has 20 minutes to exchange about projects and products.

  • On-line

    WOMEN+ Symposium

    Four bodies with purely voluntary action (Greek Women in STEM, R.E.A.L. Science, Greek Girls Code, Lean in Greece
    Women in Tech) joined their forces in order to implement this first symposium “Women +” (Women positive) which will be held online 1-3 October 2021, with English as the official language!

  • LEVEL-UP Business Management and Operation facilitator tools FMECA and DSS

  • LEVEL-UP data flow, from raw data to value

  • The TRIMEK Pilot line

  • Virtual simulators for operation, repair and recost

  • Horizon Results Booster

  • Coupled electric-thermal-structural modelling of steel crack closure under electropulsing treatment

  • The MARLEGNO Pilot line

  • Industrial Demonstrators' Analysis in Level-Up

  • The TOSHULIN Pilot line

  • Level-Up Project⚙ | An Overview